Merge MileagePlus Accounts

If you have more than one MileagePlus account, start here to submit a request to merge them. By having just one account, all your earning will be in one place, which means you'll get to an award faster. We'll combine your Premier qualifying activity, lifetime miles balance and account history.

Steps to request your accounts to be merged:

  1. Log in to each of your MileagePlus accounts.

    You can log in with your account number, your username or your primary email address. Complete the log in with either your password or your PIN.

    Please note: The full name (first, middle and last) must match between the accounts. If you have to update the name on an account, visit the "Names changes" page on to learn what is required.

  2. Select the account number you prefer to keep.

    Please note: If one of your accounts has Premier status, the system will automatically choose that account number and won't present you with a selection. This is to ensure that your Premier benefits continue uninterrupted.

  3. Submit your merge request.

    Your active MileagePlus account number will display on a confirmation page. We will also send a confirmation email to the address listed on each account.

Please allow up to seven days for the account merge to be completed.

If you have more than two accounts to be merged, you will have to complete this process multiple times. As a general rule, multiple accounts have to be merged into the same active account. There may be some exceptions, based on Premier status.

To get started, log into your first account

*Terms & Conditions

  • MileagePlus accounts can be merged only if they belong to the same person. The full name (first, middle and last) must match between the accounts. Both accounts must be open and in good standing.
  • The merging of two United MileagePlus accounts is a non-reversible transaction.
  • Any attempt to fraudulently merge accounts not belonging to the same member is strictly prohibited. Any such transaction will be reversed and will result in account termination and possible legal action.
  • We will retain the address that is on the active account. You can update your address at
  • Duplicate mileage transactions will be deleted.
  • An email confirmation will be sent to the email address on file in each of the MileagePlus accounts.
  • Award miles accrued, awards issued and bonus offers are subject to the rules of the United MileagePlus program. The MileagePlus program, including accruals, awards and bonus mile offers, is subject to change without notice. Taxes and fees related to award travel are the responsibility of the passenger. United and MileagePlus are registered service marks. For complete MileagePlus program rules, visit