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MileagePlus Recognition Miles

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Give the experience of a lifetime.

MileagePlus® award miles are the perfect gift or incentive to recognize everyone in your life - from employees to friends to family. And now when you buy award miles, you can choose a thank-you gift for yourself:

  • Premier® status for you or someone you choose
  • Discounts of up to 25% off the cost of award miles

Award miles can be used for flights, hotel stays, dining out, online shopping and more. The more award miles you purchase, the greater your reward.

You deserve a thank-you gift.

When you give award miles as incentives or rewards, you'll have the opportunity to choose a gift for yourself.

  Choose one of the following:
Miles purchased Purchase price
(includes 7.5% excise tax)*
Premier Status OR Discount
1,000,000 $37,625 Platinum
+ United Club annual membership
500,000 $18,813 Gold 22%
250,000 $9,407 Silver 20%
*Excise tax rate subject to change

Premier status.
You or someone you choose will enjoy all the benefits that come with being a MileagePlus Premier member. Premier members have access to select amenities and enhanced mileage-earning opportunities.

Members who already have Premier status at time of purchase must either choose the discount or must assign the premier status to another MileagePlus member.

Discounted purchase price of miles.
Purchase one million miles and save 25% - a savings of over $9,000. Savings of 22% and 20% also available on purchases of less miles

What you need to know about MileagePlus Recognition Miles.

Once your purchase is confirmed, these miles will be kept in a holding account separate from your personal MileagePlus account and accessible only through the Recognition Miles website. You can give a minimum of 2,000 miles and a maximum of 100,000 miles per calendar year to each account recipient. Within those limits, you can give miles in any increment as many times as you like. Our convenient, easy to use site allows you to give these miles any time you want. All you need is the MileagePlus number for the recipient and then simply click on the Manage Miles link on this page and enter the account number and number of miles you want to give. For example you can give 2,500 miles each quarter to select employees to recognize them for achieving quarterly goals.

Miles purchased through MileagePlus Recognition Miles must be deposited into a MileagePlus account within 12 months from date of purchase or they will expire. No refund will be given. See terms and conditions below for more information.

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You must be a MileagePlus member to participate in MileagePlus Recognition Miles. Join now.